Injury Rehabilitation

What is Injury Rehabilitation? 

Injury rehabilitation is a where we specifically tailor a exercises program to be used alongside treatment to help restore strength, mobility and function to the injured area.

Programs focus on improving mobility and joint range of movement, reduce pain, increase strength of or around the injured area and help restore normal function.

We ensure we specifically tailor each program to the individuals needs, as everyone’s condition and capability is different. However we make sure everyone is fully recovered to give them the best quality of life, no matter what their needs are.

Who can it Benefit?

It doesn’t matter if you’re struggling to perform duties at work, a parent struggling to look after their children, or an athlete unable to take part in the sport you love. Rehab programs look to improve your quality of life no matter what you’re needs are.

We can take people at any stage of recovery, whether its post surgery basic mobility and strength, a long standing injury which wont go away, or an athlete wanting sport specific drills to help get back to match fitness, we can help!