Injury Prevention

What is Injury Prevention? 

Prevention is better than the cure!

Being pain free and staying pain free is what everyone wants. Giving you the freedom to enjoy and take part in the things you love, enjoying the best quality of life possible.

Injury prevention programs are set up to keep problems at bay, and ensure you stay mobile, strong, fit and make sure all muscles are firing correctly.

Having the knowledge to understand your body and how to look after it could make a big difference in how you live your life!


Functional movement screening can be used to assess joint mobility, posture and movement patterns. This allows us to create patient specific programs to help keep injury at bay and improve performance.

Screening is an effective method for individuals and teams alike. In the past we have carried out screening sessions for adult and junior sports teams. This helps highlight any existing issues or explain any recurring injuries. As well as teaching juniors how to look after their body and prepare for sport correctly.